09. Letting It Be Whatever It’s Going To BeListen now (35 min) | 2021 Wrapped
08. Apocalypse PornListen now | Fetishizing the Collapse of Society
07. Family, Grief & Love at the HolidaysListen now (59 min) | On episode 7, we take a break from discussing conspirituality and share personal stories and insights about spending time with…
06. The Rise of the Life CoachListen now (55 min) | What makes someone feel entitled to guide others in an industry that is totally unregulated, with no set code of ethics and no…
05. The Concept of PresenceListen now (60 min) | The ethics of practices that bring you into presence and acceptance rather than methods that promote escapism.
04. The Concept of ForgivenessListen now (40 min) | Finding objectivity, compassion and acceptance and letting the grief process take as long as it take.
03. Ethical Spirituality pt. 2 Responsible TarotListen now (68 min) | What does it look like to hold space as a guide?
02. 5D Rhetoric is Rapture RhetoricListen now (66 min) | None of this is new.
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